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❝ Let Me Explain Something About Guitar Playing. Everyone’s Got Their Own Character, & That’s The Thing That’s Amazed Me About Guitar Playing Since The Day I First Picked It Up. Everyone’s Approach To What Can Come Out Of Six Strings Is Different From Another Person, But It’s All Valid………. I Believe Every Guitar Player Inherently Has Something Unique About Their Playing. They Just Have To Identify What Makes Them Different & Develop It. ❞

— Jimmy Page

❝ December 31st Journal
“December 31st Year 2011, Everyone Has A Sense Of Exaggerated High Anticipation Of What They Call “New Year”, Everybody Has Plans To Be Somewhere As If They SHOULD Be Anywhere This Night, Everybody Blames The Soon To Be Ended 2011 For All Their Mishappenings, But Did Anybody Think “What Have I Done These Last 365 Days?”, “Did I Become Something?”, If We Put So Much As An Ounce Of Such Hope & Struggle Into Our Own Daily Conflicts Instead Of An Annual Celebration Of Nothing More Than Your Masked Misery Under The Guise Of “New Beginning” While Denying The Lump That Your “Rear Ending” Has Accumelated From Sitting Around All Year Or Doing Meaningless Stuff…It’s Not The Year It’s YOU!, I Know Because I Was Once Half The Selfish Ungrateful Bastard That You Are Right Now…But Thank God, I’m Older, Wiser, Smarter, Stronger & Even More Funnier…It’s All About Staying With Or Ahead The Herd Not Imitating Social, Hype Or Mode Habbits, I Know It Might Sound Cynical For A Moment But Humor Me & Listen Up For A Second: Think About Yourselves For A Change, Take Chances, Endeavours, Risks, Try Something You Or Nobody Else Ever Did, Just Because Nobody’s Done Before Doesn’t Mean That It’s A Lost Cause, Hey There’s A “First Time” For Everything, So Why Not You?…Potential, Inspiration & Revalations Don’t Come From Sitting On The “Sidelines” They Come From Being In The Middle Of The “Field”!…Anyway, Hope You Do Something About It & Happy “New” Year To All Yuppies, Cunts, Twats, Faggs, Gay, Lesbos & My Friends/Brothers, You Know Who You Are.” ❞