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Eric Johnson, To Me I Consider Him As The Master Of Instrumental Rock With All Due Respect To Instrumental Rock Guitarists Out There. & If You Haven’t Heard Of The Guy…I’d Recommend A Fist Full Of It!.
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The Robert Plant Of Dog’s Rock & Roll Universe

The Robert Plant Of Dog’s Rock & Roll Universe

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A Simple Fact For All Of The Zeppelin AND NON-Zeppelin Fans…

A Simple Fact For All Of The Zeppelin AND NON-Zeppelin Fans…

Last Week Resort Escape…

No Strings, No Attachments, No Appointments & Nothing What So Ever…Just Me, A Hundred & Sixty Miles To Our Harbor City & The Venice Of My Heart, “Alexandreya”…Morning Sparring To Get Some Of That Old Fitness & Body Burn Back, Cooling Of The Last Week Of My Summer Vacation By Swimming Or Drowning My Whole Sore Fucked Up Body In Deep In The Heart Of The Sea, Late Night Stroll On The Side Walk While Taking The Sea Breathe In, Buying A Book From The Library & Read Through It On An Open Air Cafe While Keeping An Eye On The Great View Of The Musty Old Streets, Catching Up With My Childhood Friend & Neighbor, Listening To Some Rock & Some Blues, Most Probably Led-Zeppelin, The Doors Or The Runaways, Fleetwood Mac, The White Stripes…Among MANY Others, Jam A Bit With Me On The Electric Guitar & Him On The Drums While Smoking Our Pipes & Cigarettes & Downing Some Top Shelf Irish Whiskey & Scotch, And Probably End The Night With An Old Movie Marathon, We’re A Bit Old Fashioned & We Think We Are Waaay To Old For Our Age…But We Embrace Our Sense Of Nostalgia Till Death, It’s Our Gift & Our Curse.

Looking Forward To The Next Couple Of Days.

I Found THE Lost Treasure!…

I Now Have Within My Possession Four Epic Classic Rock N’Roll Performances:

- Led Zeppelin: The 1970 Live At Royal Albert Hall.

- Led Zeppelin: The 1969 Copenhagen Performance.

- The Runaways: Live In Japan.

- Fleetwood Mac: The Dance.

It May Not Be My Birthday But It’s Sure As Shit Is Waaay Fucking Better For These Simple Footages Are A Dream Come True To Me…Shit, Now I Can’t Wait To Get Home From Work To Pop Them In!.

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Weird Stimulus…

Being The Rock & Roll Addict I Am, I’m More Of A Listener Than A Dancer & That’s What Women Always Hate About A Guy That He Can’t Dance, I May Know How The Moves Are Done But I Can’t Apply Them Without Making An Asshole Out Of Myself & Without Inflicting Serious Injuries Whether To Me Or To Those Within 5 Meter Radius AROUND ME!.

Anyway, Aside From That Despite The Fact That The Genres I Mainly Listen To Don’t Inspire Any Type Of Dancing Or Body Language But Only Rhythm, For Some Reason There Are Some Songs That When Played I Might Just Go Nuts Jumping & Dancing Around Like An Idiot As If I’m Not Doing But The Song Itself Is Like Possessing Me & Forcing Me To Move That Way No Matter Where The Hell I Am All Of A Sudden When They’re Played.

Want An Example?…”IN MY TIME OF DYING”! Can You Actually Believe This?!…, I’d Be Driving & Boom, There It Is My Hands & Shoulders Are Some Where Else Barely Handling The Steering Wheel With My Feet Bopping Around Under The Dash, At The Office?!…Up On The Coffee Table!, I Even Danced Off To John Lee Hooker’s “Boom Boom” For God Sake!.

Something Is Definitely Wrong With My Body’s WIRING & I NEED A FUCKING MECHANIC!!!.

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I’m A Rocker, How About You?…

I’m A Rocker, How About You?…

I Still Can’t Believe It…

The Music Industry Has So Many Issues In Judging Talent To The Extent That Only High Profile Celebrities Should Get The Credit.

How Someone Like Jack White, An Accomplished Young Artist/Vocalist/Guitarist/Pianist/Drummer With One Of The Most Unique Talents In Songwriting & Composition Not To Mention Bringing Back & Re-Emulating The Blues & Folk Music To Punk Rock Genres With A Stroke Of Pure Genius That Was The Key Ingredient To Him Leading & Founding 7 BANDS!, All Of A Sudden Gets Pulled Back From The Rank He Was Given As Number 17 On The “100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time” By The Rolling Stones Which Was Published Back In 2008 & To Be Thrown Way Back Into The The End Of The List Among The 80’s Ranks In 2011…Are You Kidding Me?…Might I Mention That Bands In The 70’s Used To Be Awarded Platinums On A Regular Basis Cause They Used To Produce, Perform, Tour & Release All Their Albums With A Difference Of One Year To The Next If Not Even In A Lesser Time, THIS Guy Made 6 Albums With “The White Stripes” In 7 Years From 2000 To 2007, 2 Albums With The “The Raconteurs” In 3 Years From 2006 To 2008 & 2 Albums With “The Dead Weather” In 2 Years From 2009 To 2010, Not To Mention His Latest Released Solo Album Not 2 Months Ago.

I Mean, It’s Things Like These That Makes Even The Most Talented Of All Young Talents Think About A Million Times Over Before Putting Themselves Out There While Watching The Other Pop Culture Attention Celebrity Freaks Sneak Their Ways With Scandals To Fame, While Others Only Want People To Share A Song Or Two With Them…Just These Few Moments Of Appreciation They Get For The Hours They Spent Trying To Find The Right Words & Harmony To Put On Those Little Pieces Of Paper To Try & Relate To You & Go On Stage To Share Their Stories With You…That Is All…They Are Just Doing Their Best To Connect With You.

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I Think The Blues Genre Fits Me Like A Glove…

I Don’t Know What It Is But Despite The Fact That I’m Not That Much Of A Guitar Expert, Whenever I Pick A Guitar To Attempt & Compose Or Get Hold Of A Tune, I Manage To Get Hold Of The Most Sorrowful Of Materials…I Mean So Far I’ve Managed To Get People To Look At The Ground Dwelling & Moving Their Heads In Pain & Understanding Yet Even Got Them To Shed A Tear.
I’m Surprised As Any Of You Are, I Do Need A Lot Of Years & Hard Work But These Little Incidents Despite Seeming To Be Full Agony, Made Me Actually Re-Assure Myself That I’m Going Somewhere, That I’m Making Progress & Probably On The Right Track.

❝ It Really Frustrates Me To See That Societies Have Taken It Upon Themselves To Label Something As Artistic As Instrument Playing As Sort Of A Counter-Culture While Spelling Out Ill-Spoken-Meanigless Lyrics Along With A Non-Rhythmatic Nor Harmonious Beats From Digital Machinery Apparently Isn’t, It’s A Real Shame What We’ve Done To Such A Beautiful Yet Simple Industry Based On The Talent Of Listening. ❞

— Salah Kamel, Me

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❝ Let Me Explain Something About Guitar Playing. Everyone’s Got Their Own Character, & That’s The Thing That’s Amazed Me About Guitar Playing Since The Day I First Picked It Up. Everyone’s Approach To What Can Come Out Of Six Strings Is Different From Another Person, But It’s All Valid………. I Believe Every Guitar Player Inherently Has Something Unique About Their Playing. They Just Have To Identify What Makes Them Different & Develop It. ❞

— Jimmy Page

Slight Veer Of Plans…

Since I Have Already Been Delving For A While Into Instruments & Sounds & The Basis Of All Sound Making Components & Tuning Essence, My Thoughts Lead To Where Every Man Who Dives Into This Deep Sea Of Melody With A Mind To Try, Develop & Create Goes…The Base Of Blues, Starting From The Dark Toned Thirties To The Slightly Dreadful Seventies, I Will Sink My Picks In It, I Will Embrace The It’s Void & Agony As Mine & See Where Expressing That Immediate Impulsive Tick In The Core Of My Brain Takes Me.

But First Thing’s First,…I Have To Save Up For An Omega!.

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Unlock Door…Throw Keys…Slam Shut Behind…Take Off Cloths & Ahhhhhh…

After A Long Week Of Struggle With Various Obstacles, Sleep Deprivation & Muscle Twitching…Nothing A Cold Shower, A Lucky Strike, Tall Glass Of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey & R.L.Burnside’s “Got Messed Up” Can’t Fix All The Tensity…

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❝ "You can’t be wise and in love at the same time." - Bob Dylan ❞
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❝ "Morality has nothing in common with politics." - Bob Dylan ❞
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