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I Still Can’t Believe It…

The Music Industry Has So Many Issues In Judging Talent To The Extent That Only High Profile Celebrities Should Get The Credit.

How Someone Like Jack White, An Accomplished Young Artist/Vocalist/Guitarist/Pianist/Drummer With One Of The Most Unique Talents In Songwriting & Composition Not To Mention Bringing Back & Re-Emulating The Blues & Folk Music To Punk Rock Genres With A Stroke Of Pure Genius That Was The Key Ingredient To Him Leading & Founding 7 BANDS!, All Of A Sudden Gets Pulled Back From The Rank He Was Given As Number 17 On The “100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time” By The Rolling Stones Which Was Published Back In 2008 & To Be Thrown Way Back Into The The End Of The List Among The 80’s Ranks In 2011…Are You Kidding Me?…Might I Mention That Bands In The 70’s Used To Be Awarded Platinums On A Regular Basis Cause They Used To Produce, Perform, Tour & Release All Their Albums With A Difference Of One Year To The Next If Not Even In A Lesser Time, THIS Guy Made 6 Albums With “The White Stripes” In 7 Years From 2000 To 2007, 2 Albums With The “The Raconteurs” In 3 Years From 2006 To 2008 & 2 Albums With “The Dead Weather” In 2 Years From 2009 To 2010, Not To Mention His Latest Released Solo Album Not 2 Months Ago.

I Mean, It’s Things Like These That Makes Even The Most Talented Of All Young Talents Think About A Million Times Over Before Putting Themselves Out There While Watching The Other Pop Culture Attention Celebrity Freaks Sneak Their Ways With Scandals To Fame, While Others Only Want People To Share A Song Or Two With Them…Just These Few Moments Of Appreciation They Get For The Hours They Spent Trying To Find The Right Words & Harmony To Put On Those Little Pieces Of Paper To Try & Relate To You & Go On Stage To Share Their Stories With You…That Is All…They Are Just Doing Their Best To Connect With You.

16 June 2012    Reblog