Gear Progress…

So Far I Got My Les Paul Custom Black Beauty Out Of The Customs (Long Story Short, Undamaged) Stompboxes Ice-9, Satchurator, JamMan Solo & Carbon Copy Are All Set.
Eyeing Out A Replacement For My Strat Ltd With A Fender 2000, MXR Noise Clamp, Crybaby Wah, Korg PitchBlack, Electroharmonix Big Fuzz, Boss Harmonist, Boss BCB-60 & A Vox AC30 Boutique Amplifier.

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A New Order Is Rising…

I Have To Say That I Pretty Much Encourage & Was Pretty One Of The First Few People Behind The Simple Idea Of Home Studios & How I Predict That It Will Be The Way Of The Future For All Of Us Aspiring Musicians.
Studios Are No Longer What They Were, Prices Are An All New High & Not Available For Every Afficionado & Offcourse It’s Not As Methodical As It Used To Be, All Digital, Digital, Digital.
So, As An Amateur Musician & Voice Actor I Encourage Home Studios Development, Yes It Will Cost Time & Some Money Over Time But Still If You’re Into Music Or Recording In General, You’ll Spend Waaay Less Than Pleeding At Studios Bloodsucking Mercy.

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What Remains…

I Have Lost All Faith In Most Things I Believed In Specially Those I Trusted Most & Gave To Very Charitably.
All I Have Left Is My Work/Leisure/Side-Projects: Music (Blues), Voice-Acting, Marketing & Writing.

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Thank You Miss Aly, Much Appreciated…It Means A Lot

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The Jimmy Page Les Paul Custom! With 3 pickups and Bigsby! Unfortunately it’s about $50,000.

Custom Shop Heaven

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Thank You Miss Riley, I Appreciate The Sentiment.

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May You Rest In Peace Little Angel…

To My Goddaughter Karma,
I’m Sorry I Haven’t Had Enough Time To Visit & Play With You…Forgive Me & May You Find A Better Resting Place In Heaven Free From The Agony Of Your Sickness.
Farewell, Little Angel…

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#bobdylan #quotations #favourite #music #imnotthere


#bobdylan #quotations #favourite #music #imnotthere

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Robbie Robertson


Robbie Robertson


Knopfler, 2006


I thought I was really good at playing Babe I’m Gonna Leave You on guitar but I just tried to play it with the recording.    

I failed. 


That’s What Always Happens To All Of Us When We Try & Keep Up With Page’s Tempo & Tunation.